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With NLO

The European pharmaceutical legal market has evolved a great deal. There have been several cases specific to SPCs and second medical use patents that have changed the entire operating landscape. The introduction of the manufacturing waiver, and the subsequent transitional period, have implications for market entry. And while the full impact of Brexit is yet unknown it is clear that there is already a divergence between the UK and rest of Europe and that there will be further legal complications to follow.

In this shifting environment legal pharmaceutical practitioners need to be aware of the specific regulations, and how to adjust their patent portfolio strategies accordingly, and ensure that their actual operations are highly effective.

In this session, Pharmaceutical experts at NLO will be answering your most pressing IP related questions as you prepare to file your patents in Europe and as you prepare your IP strategy for pending patents.
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Between Monday 18th – 22nd October and 1st November to 5th November, the available slots are an hour between 8am 12pm CET
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