Data Protection
& Linguist Selection

Compliance with Data Security

We take our obligations to protect customer data seriously, especially given our focus on the legal sector. Confidentiality is achieved through the application of: policies, such as NDAs which are executed by staff and linguists; processes, such as SOPs which specify procedures for the handling of client-provided content; and of technological controls, such as user authentication, encryption, and firewalls.
Content may be transferred using our secure portal or by use of Secure FTP, which may be established in-country, in order to achieve any geographic restrictions which may be required of us.
Our business model relies upon our ability to protect sensitive client information and meet the highest standards of security and confidentiality. We are therefore continually reviewing our security controls and implementing the latest solutions and technologies to minimize risk and safeguard data integrity.  This includes, but is not limited to, adhering to applicable data protection standards such as: acceptable use, asset management, business continuity, change control, data classification and handling, data encryption and transmission, information risk management, incident response, password management, physical and environmental policies, and record retention.  Additionally, we often receive Personal Data from customers and have adopted a global approach to ensure privacy compliance with GDPR.  In the event that Applicable Law dictates a higher standard for the protection of Personal Data, we will meet such standards to the fullest extent possible.  Client documents and translation memories are typically stored on our translation management system; however, we would be pleased to delete project information upon request once no longer required, or in accordance with another retention protocol as agreed upon.

How we select our linguists:

We identify elite linguists, vet and test them for linguistic and subject-matter expertise, and approve only the very best. Our team of quality assurance professionals reviews each translation carefully to identify and correct any grammatical, typographical, or formatting errors, coordinating with the relevant translator as needed. Certified translations and translations from English into other languages also receive an edit step, performed by a separate resource from the one performing the translation, prior to undergoing internal quality assurance. Moreover, Insight IP conducts a statistically randomized, offline, neutral party review of translated content, which is graded for accuracy against an established scale. Feedback generated by this process is shared with the translator directly, as well as with our Project Management team for use in making future resource decisions. 
Insight IP translators are subject to rigorous testing in their respective areas of expertise as part of our recruiting and evaluation protocols. Our minimum requirements are a bachelor’s degree, five years of professional translation or interpreting experience, and proven subject-matter expertise; however, due to our rigorous evaluation procedures, the vast majority of linguists far exceed these requirements. In fact, linguists who pass our candidate screening typically possess extensive professional experience and accreditations from various professional associations. It is not uncommon for our translators to have law degrees and years of experience as practicing attorneys.

Candidate linguists are commissioned to perform a qualifying translation to demonstrate their language and industry expertise. Candidates who demonstrate mastery of all criteria, and successfully complete a background check, are qualified and eligible for “live” assignments, with their work reviewed on a continual basis for the duration of our relationship. Our feedback system ensures that our linguists continue to perform at the high level required by our clients, while allowing our quality-assurance team to reconcile any discrepancies in a given translation before final delivery.


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