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Insight IP supports corporate counsel and their advisors through cross-border investigation and financial analysis.

Insight IP supports corporate counsel and their advisors through cross-border investigation and financial analysis.

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Litgation Support

Success in corporate litigation or arbitration often depends on how conclusively one side can present a convincing narrative while undermining that of their opponent. Critical to this process is the legal team’s ability to leverage reliable evidence to support a claim, whether in the form of forensic accounting and fund flow analysis or in broader information gathering. 

Insight IP support parties to major, international disputes through seamless cross-border investigation and financial analysis, providing evidence of the highest quality and reliability. Our extensive experience allows us to act as strategic partners to clients and their legal advisors in high-stakes, fast-moving situations.

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Our vetted attorneys across the globe provides multi-language capability with multi-geography flexibility.

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How can Insight IP Litigation Support help your case?

Specialty Litigation Support Services (Russian)

We deal comfortably and professionally with Russian and CIS cases where the subject matter involves sensitive business and economic practices specific to this region. We understand Russian and CIS culture which penetrates personal and business relationships and shapes attitudes towards law and legality.

Using our knowledge of the CIS world, Russian language and English law, we provide litigation support to analyse and interpret Russian court documents, bankruptcy reports, corporate and other such case materials.

We help you run your case with a premium and discrete advantage of Roots Litigation Support – offering administrative support for all aspects of litigation, with exceptional results on cases involving Russian language.

All work is carried out by qualified English solicitors that are regulated and fully insured.

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Bhavya Mehta
Bhavya MehtaHead of eDiscovery Document Review
Patent Attorney
Alex Korenkov
Alex KorenkovHead of Litigation Support
Solicitor at Roots Law

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