Services provided to law firms, experts and counsel

  • Timely support amid aggressive deadlines
  • Accelerate case management and reduce costs of complex litigation with a Russian Law and Language element
  • Access immediate practical assistance from experienced English solicitors with Russian language skills
  • Reduce language obstacles and eliminate confusion
  • Research and preparation for partners ahead of client meetings and pitching sessions

Disclosure and Document Review

Review of materials in Russian and English for disclosure with attention to privilege and other specific English law issues. Selection of Russian keywords for software aided searches. Review of documents at pre-action stage. Support counsel with assessment of documents, fact gathering and preparation of opinions. Document review in response to investigations and Data Subject Access Requests under the General Data Protection Regulations. Audio and video review.


Management of high-volume translation requirements with close attention to corporate, business, legal and colloquial terms. Professional translation of key documents checked by Russian speaking English solicitors and Russian qualified lawyers.

Expert Reports

Support to prepare expert reports. Research and review foreign law authorities with access to Russian legal databases and Russian law experts.

Pleadings and Witness Statements

Assistance to refine pleadings and witness statements. Witness proofing from scratch. Selection of evidence to exhibit to memorials, witness statements and pleadings.

Pre-trial and Hearing Preparation

Hardcopy and e-bundling, cross-referencing, management of Magnum product via Opus2, review of draft hearing transcripts and cross check against audio. Assistance with Russian law materials.


Russian words in particular mean different things in different contexts. Grammatical or lexical mistakes often cause misunderstandings which may affect court decisions.

We deal comfortably and professionally with Russian and CIS cases where the subject matter involves sensitive business and economic practices prevalent in this region. We understand the mentality pervasive in Russia and CIS which penetrates personal and business relationships and shapes attitudes towards law and legality.

Using our knowledge of the CIS world, Russian language and English law, we provide litigation support to analyse and interpret Russian court documents, bankruptcy reports, corporate and other such case materials.

Access to these skills is crucial when working with documents in Russian or proofing witnesses from this continent to properly prepare court documents for use in the English courts before English judges.

We help you run your case with a premium and discrete advantage of Roots Litigation Support – offering administrative support for all aspects of litigation, with exceptional results on cases involving Russian language. 

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