Acquiring Patent Rights Advantageous for Business in Japan

16 October 14:00 GMT
Hosted on Zoom

Moderated by: Keisaku Ishihara, Managing Partner, Nagoya

Mr Ishihara has been serving as a Japanese patent and trademark attorney for almost 20 years.  In addition to the service for acquiring IP rights for Japanese domestic and foreign applications, he has been involved in IP dispute cases both in Japan and foreign countries.

For client companies, he continuously provides consulting services, including support regarding invention excavation and IP-related contracts.

Mr Ishihara’s role at Nagoya includes responsibility for acquisition of patent rights, preparation of expert opinions, invalidation trials, handling of IP disputes (infringement suits, invalidation trials), IP-related contract drafting and negotiations.

About the discussion topic

Acquiring Patent Rights Advantageous for Business in Japan
・ Claims: Strategies to acquire patents in Japan for matters unpatentable in EU or US (Taking examples of a software-related invention and a use invention)
・ Understanding the boundaries between acceptable amendments and unacceptable amendments to acquire patent rights in Japan
・ Understanding of key points of the criteria for determining inventive step in Japan
・ Effective use of local firms in Japan

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