Enforcement of
IP Rights
in Japan

Enforcement of
IP Rights
in Japan

Enforcement of IP Rights in Japan

IP professionals must continuously evaluate the pros and cons of investing in filing, in which international jurisdictions and with what degree of force and specificity. Against this they must also assess the risk of not investing in those activities and potentially leaving their IP open for exploitation.

In this context Insight IP brought together a group of global IP professionals from automotive, pharmaceutical, electrical manufacturing and software fields, to share and discuss ideas, experiences and solutions pertinent to prosecuting and litigating IP in Japan. The participants benefited from the moderation and expert input of Mr Keisaku Ishihara, Managing Partner, Nagoya, and everyone enjoyed the opportunity to raise specific questions, explore curiosities and advance their understanding of best practice in Japan.

The Boardroom was specifically beneficial because the participants were able to discuss the April 2020 amendment, plus other changes that have impacted IP procedure in Japan.

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