Acquiring Patent
Rights Advantageous
for Business in Japan

Acquiring Patent
Rights Advantageous
for Business in Japan

Acquiring Patent Rights Advantageous for Business in Japan

Registering and protecting IP in China is an increasingly relevant topic for IP managers in mechanical and technological fields.

The Insight IP Boardroom met to review the key strategic and tactical approaches to filing IP in Japan. It is generally understood that Japan used to be a priority jurisdiction for filing, but recently the focus has shifted to other jurisdictions, mostly China.

Throughout the discussions, it was agreed that while Japan is not a priority economy in terms of manufacturing or sales, other factors should be taken into serious consideration. Japan is still one of the top five economies in the world. The startup scene in Japan is thriving. The legal landscape has changed in Japan in the last ten years; it is now a much more straight forward and 'friendly' legal system for filing and protecting IP, in other words, the barriers to entry are low for patent owners.

It is very important to be aware of structures, rules and processes specific to the Japanese system. Awareness of the particular Japanese cultural nuances can also be very helpful to progress all business activities.

The Boardroom discussion was moderated by Mr. KeisakuIshihara, Managing Partner, Nagoya who was able to provide specific insights and experiences on the Japanese legal system, as well as anecdotal evidence on successful business practice in Japan.

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