Insight IP Ltd are a strategic Partner of Patentest.

Our goal is to increase your competitiveness and to enable smarter decision making through Searches.


Patentest (Search-a-patent) has extensive experience of working with intellectual property rights. The company was founded in 2007 and with sister companies in the US, UK and Israel it is one of the largest patent search and analysis companies in Europe.


Zack Amir is CEO of Search-a-patent and has an extensive background in IP and has a mechanical and electromechanical engineering background. Claes Pantzar was the chairman of the Association of Intellectual Property Law Firms in Sweden, (SEPAF) in 2005 and he is well reputed for his lectures on Intellectual Property rights (IP). Prior to joining Search-a-patent, Claes was Head of Department at the Swedish Patent Office, and Group CEO of Albihns Zacco


With our experience in all technical fields and our specialized expertise in patent searches, we at Search-a-patent execute the easily evaluated searches that our clients need.

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Novelty Search


Based on claims, a description and/or a drawing, novelty destroying and supporting technical standpoint material is searched and reported.


State of the art searches

A wider search with existing technology or product as base.
 Gives an overview of known solutions of the matter searched, outgoing from the customers search profile,
definition of the technology and/or the problem.


Validity / Invalidity search

Searches conducted when you want to invalidate a patent or when you are being challenged by a competitor.


Infringement search (based on a product)

1. FTO (Freedom To Operate) - search to evaluate the risk of using technology, details of a product on a defined territory

2. Patent investigation / Infringement search- search design to locate infringements on existing patent.