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At Welltec we develop and provide well technologies and solutions for the oil and gas industry. Our success is based on our ability to continuously create truly disruptive innovations to make the industry safer and more sustainable while achieving higher recovery.

We are proud to say that our inventions have caused a revolution of the industry by enabling operations that simply were not possible earlier. 


Website: www.bestmechanicalpatents.com


Law Offices of Steven W. Weinrieb has effectively been in business for over 30 years, including the years when we were doing business as SCHWARTZ & WEINRIEB. We specialize in the patent application preparation and prosecution of patent applications, dealing with all mechanical technologies, before the United States Patent Office and all worldwide patent offices.

We have literally obtained thousands of patents for our clients over the past 30+ years. One can view my personal profile on LINKEDIN at STEVEN WEINRIEB.

Safeguard IP

Website: www.safeguardip.com


IP litigation can have a devastating impact on the value of a business. Safeguard iP, the UK’s only dedicated Intellectual Property insurance broker, help mitigate this risk by providing insurance against the significant legal costs of Intellectual Property  disputes, anywhere in the world. If you are concerned about the legal cost of enforcing rights, defending claims you have infringed third party rights, damages awards or even meeting exposures arising under IP related indemnities, we can help. Our IP experts will help you understand how these products work and advise on the  scope of cover you need so that you have IP peace of mind.

Anjie Law Firm

Website: www.anjielaw.com

Headquartered in Beijing, with a branch office in Shanghai, AnJie Law Firm was founded by a group of experienced lawyers committed to providing high-quality services to international and domestic clients. Our attorneys are trustworthy advisers with years of legal experience in a wide variety of fields, including general corporate matters, private equity deals, cross-border mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property, employment, government policy, antitrust and regulatory matters, privacy and high-stakes litigation and arbitration.


AnJie’s IP team has also developed unparalleled experience in the IP policy sector. We frequently serve as consultants on IP legal and policy developments, which gives us a unique opportunity to provide insightful and creative solutions for our clients on IP enforcement and advisory matters. Our attorneys serve on the International Trademark Association China Anti-counterfeiting Sub-committee and China Policy Council.

Search a Patent

Website: www.search-a-patent.com


Search-a-patent Sweden AB is a European based patent search and analysis company.  We are dedicated to quality, In-depth patent related searches since 2007. Our main search products 


1. FTO(Freedom To Operate) 

2. Invalidity  

3. IP Due-Diligence, portfolio analysis 

4. Patent landscaping/ Mapping  

5. State of the art 

6. Patentability 

The company has 5 senior patent consultants and 12 patent search specialists/engineers with different technological background and experience from patent and law firms, industry patent departments and patent offices.  We are focused on professional searches, personal service, fast deliveries and cost effectivsearches.

Search-a-patent is continuously developing its own tools for search and reporting, offering our clients the best reporting modules for collaboration both internally and externally. All orders, reports and communication with us are done on our secure web site design to handle orders from our industry and attorneys clients with the maximum security level and convenience.