Do you provide IP Technology?

The Situation

The legal departments of corporate organisations are currently trying to bring themselves up to speed and out of the dark ages when it comes to the use of technology and process. However, for most companies, the legal department still lags behind other functions in the business like IT or Finance.


The challenge for many IP Counsel is that whilst there is an appetite and a budget to invest in new technology, it is difficult to understand what technology is available and what it can actually do for their department and the wider business. The market is noisy and awash with an increasing number of technology providers providing a range of services and the IP Heads in our network tell us they simply do not have the time to identify who is out there, what value they can bring and how their technology works.


The Challenge

The challenge faced by many providers of legal technology is how to demonstrate value in a competitive market filled with identical messages. At Insight IP we have our finger on the pulse and through constant dialogue with Heads of IP, we are able to identify which legal departments have made a decision to invest in a particular tool, or at least to engage the market place.


We assist them in understanding the technology, what it can it do for their business and identifying the most relevant providers who match their criteria. Additionally, we engage, where appropriate, other stakeholders within the business. We have worked with providers of legal technology tools -from contract management platforms through to dashboards for legal spend management in navigating the internal DMU and engaging not only the heads of legal but also IT who are often integral in procuring new technology.

Our Solution

We can help you engage the end user on a project by project basis, as well as advising you on how best position your offering, given the unique requirements of the prospective customer. In identifying specific requirements before any RFP is released we can provide a competitive advantage in a competitive market.